Sarah Sitkin, one of a kind

Sarah Sitkin really is one of a kind. I have met her once, when she was in Europe, joining Tony Skull Vomit / Eustachian on his European tour. Here are some of her pictures, these ones are all of friends of mine. I hope I get to be fortunate enough to pass in front of her camera one day and be part of her amazing journey.
On the bottom of this post you can find a video she has made. Enjoy the ride.

Derrick Baseck by Sarah Sitkin

Otto Von Schirach by Sarah Sitkin

Aaron Venetian Snares by Sarah Sitkin

William Droon by Sarah Sitkin

Ed Duran Duran Duran by Sarah Sitkin

Meta By Sarah Sitkin

Tony Skull Vomit and Surachai by Sarah Sitkin


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