Alex Fradkin

Alex Fradkin about himself:
“Supposing life is not a dress rehearsal?  Some time ago I posed that question to myself and I decided to hedge my bets and not make the wrong assumption.  Essentially I jumped into the void, leaving a profession of architecture that I had been committed to since a very young age, picked up a camera and started exploring this extraordinary planet with its diverse, generous and conflicted people. What a wild ride it has been and at this point I am only picking up speed.  The “journey is the destination” and getting lost along the way is the really fun part!
I am full of love for my family, friends and the craft that is my profession and passion.  I love to laugh, with you, at you and mostly at myself. I love to say the word “love”.  I am trying to say it more.  I am always learning…
Now, I am living most of the time in New York City and often traveling back and forth to my hometown of San Francisco.  I even lived in Cuba for a short time.  I have traveled this amazing planet many times over, led by my camera and curiosity.  I have followed my dream and I feel really fortunate, happy and lucky.  How cool is that?  I never forget it!
Last year my first book was published “The Left Coast: California on the Edge”, University of California Press, a five year project photographing the diverse California Coast and its people in collaboration with my best friend, my Dad. A dream come true!  Next year my Second book will be published by Radius Books, “Bunkers: Ruins of War in a New American Landscape”.  Another dream coming true.  Two more books coming after that…I love to imagine, and then make it happen!
Currently I am teaching architectural and portraiture photography at the International Center for Photography.  I am passionate about sharing my passion with others, to help inspire and be inspired by my students – I love them too!”